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Do you need a hand with your PR, marketing or community management efforts? Or are you just looking for some advice? Read all about our services below, or contact us for an intake: hello@criticalhit-pr.com.


Product PR

Let us help you take care of your public relations needs for your game release, from A to Z. This includes consultancy on what, when, how, and to whom you’re going to communicate in the time leading up to the release of your game and after, writing and distribution of press releases, maintaining media relations, and results reporting.

Media relations

Our consultants have years of experience in games PR, each with their own specialty in terms of regions, platforms and genres. As a result, our joint international reach is extensive and exhaustive, covering both mainstream and specialist media, bloggers and YouTubers. Work with us to save yourself the time and effort required to build and maintain a network of your own from scratch, and focus on development instead.

Benelux localization

Have you got the English markets covered, and looking to expand your reach? With our head offices based in the Benelux, we’ve got a knack for localizing your PR campaign to the low countries. Let us help you get the word out to an additional 8 million active gamers in The Netherlands and another 4.4 million active gamers in Belgium.

Press release writing service

You know exactly what it is you want to say, but you’re having trouble finding the best way to put it. If this sounds familiar to you, our press release writing service might be just the thing for your campaign. We’ve got plenty experience that we’ll gear towards finding the perfect angle that will help you turn the right heads with your press release.

Trade show representation

Today the German gamescom is the largest gaming trade show in the world, and most indie developers who have set foot there will tell you that it is a daunting undertaking to stand out from the powerful competition and showcase your newest project on your own professionally. Critical Hit PR bundles the muscle of independent developers to get the most out of exhibiting for each, on this trade shows and others around the world.

Press tours

Trade shows aren’t in the timeframe of your release? For selected projects, we provide fully catered press tours within Europe, taking you to visit only the highest-profile of mainstream and specialist gaming media, giving you the opportunity to present your game in person.


With so many success stories of industry peers, crowdfunding is one of the most popular and viable present day funding routes for video games. Are you looking to turn to the crowds for the funding of your own dream project? You’ve only got one genuine shot for success, and we will help you get it right.

Community management

Social media

You’ve worked hard to up your Facebook likes, Twitter and Tumblr followers – now you need content to keep your community active and engaged. We can help you create a campaign, and provide consultancy on tackling the social media challenge.


We have developed a web-based platform that will help you keep your community active and entertained, while leveraging the enthusiasm and interest of its members to generate ideas and feedback for development, and attract new members.



In order for gamers to remember who you are or what your product is, you will have to create a strong image that will stick in their minds. We can help you develop the positioning for your brand based on its unique selling points, your company identity, and competitors, thatis fit for today’s market and the future.

Promotional design

We can help you develop advertisement copy, print and online promotional materials, and promotional videos and trailers, for use in your advertising campaigns and PR.

Advertising campaigns

When you want full control over who gets to see your game, when they will see it, how often, where, and the exact information that is included in the communication, advertising is a more viable route than public relations. We will help you create the optimal advertising campaign in print, online, search and social media.

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